CoinIMP Scam!?


CoinIMP is yet another web mining service, proudly advertising a “0%” fee. This is a pretty clear scam from the beginning, but we’ve tested their service to see just how much of a scam they really are. So, here we go – the CoinIMP review

Firstly, I would like to point out a few obvious facts.

  1. CoinIMP offers a 0-1% fee, yet pays out 5% referral commissions?
  2. They run multiple connection proxies, a pool, and even PAY to run ads on Google adwords
  3. CoinIMP supposedly employees 40+ people (Check out how many fake Linkedin accounts they have!)
  4. So, CoinIMP is clearly just ran by a team of really nice people who give away free money to anybody supports their services? Hmm.. Yeah, probably not.
  5. CoinIMP created an exact clone of Monero, and called it “WebChain”. They premined 20% of the coins for themselves, and within the first 4 months they sold off 70% of the existing market supply. This is called a pump and dump scam. You should review this sketchy project yourself!

We decided to run CoinIMP for a few days anyway, regardless of how scummy they seem. Everything went smoothly the two days, except for the fact we were making nearly 40% LESS than from CoinHive (who charges a 30% fee BTW). The third day, hashing stopped completely for nearly 2 hours.

After the downtime, we pulled out of CoinIMP and resumed mining back with CryptoLoot.

Remember kiddos, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

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